Discover the most prominent monuments we inherited from Romans, Moors, Jews and Christians, which tell past stories that have come to us today concealed within the walls, towers, coffered ceilings and noble palaces.

Inspiring corners will greet you during the daytime, whilst strolling through the same places at sunset or gazing at them under the glow of the night will allow you to appreciate them in all of their magnificence and beauty.

La Aljafería

The beautifully restored Palacio de la Aljafería rises up majestically near Zaragoza-Delicias Station. During the guided tour you can learn about the importance of the palace under the rule of the taifas and subsequently as the residence of the Reyes Católicos. Moreover, this singular building will continue to exist in all of its splendour, since it is currently home to the Aragonese Parliament.

la aljaferia

Real Maestranza

Behind the Catedral de San Salvador lies the home of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Zaragoza (the Royal Cavalry Armoury), one of the best preserved examples of an Aragonese Renaissance house-palace. Particularly remarkable are the eaves and ceilings, the work of Jaime Fanegas, a true Renaissance man in his multifaceted nature as a carpenter, inventor, mine discoverer and bridge builder.

rela maestranza

La Lonja

Set within the most important monumental area of Zaragoza, by the Basílica del Pilar, the Town Hall, the Archbishop`s Palace and La Seo Cathedral, la Lonja is the finest existing example of Aragonese Renaissance civil architecture. A stunning beautiful, uniquely decorated building, it is currently used by the Zaragoza City Council as an Exhibition Gallery.

la lonja

Roman walls

Dating back over 2000 years, you can still see remnants of the walls that protected the city throughout its Roman, Visigoth, Muslim and Christian periods. The stretches that have been preserved include the 80 metres that rise up between the Torreón de Zuda and the Central Market, as well as the part down by the river in the Convento del Santo Sepulcro, between the Paseo de Echegaray y Caballero and the Coso Bajo.

Roman walls

Torreón de la Zuda

The Torreón de la Zuda rises up elegantly from one of the towers from the original Roman walls that marked out the city. Of Muslim origin and in perfect condition following its restoration, it is home to a Municipal Tourist Office. The top floor is one of the least-known and most special spots from which to gaze out over the city.

torreón de la zuda

Puente de Piedra

A must. Intimately bound up with the history of the River Ebro and the Basílica del Pilar, of which the bridge offers spectacular views, particularly at sunset. Both sides of the bridge feature four bronze statues which symbolise the city, the work of sculptor Francisco Rayo.

puente de piedra

Patio de la Infanta

One of the best conserved Aragonese Renaissance courtyards, the Patio de la Infanta was formerly part of the now defunct Palavio Zaporta, whose front and courtyard were bought by a French antique dealer and taken to Paris, and it was dismantled and transferred to the Ibercaja Head Office stone by stone in 1980.

patio de la infanta

Palacio de Sástago

This beautiful 16th-century building is home to the Zaragoza Provincial Council`s Exhibition Gallery, where you can enjoy shows by artists, concerts and talks. It was carefully restored during the 80s, and is particularly remarkable for its façade and the Renaissance interior courtyard, one of the best preserved in the city.

palacio de sástago

Puerta del Carmen

This is one of the most iconic symbols of the city, since it served as a stronghold during the Spanish War of Independence (1808-1809) when the locals defended valiantly fought off the French in the battle of Los Sitios (The Siege). Some of the missile marks are still visible today. Erected in stone in the 18th century as a gateway into the city, it is the only one of its kind to remain standing today.

puerta del carmen

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