Two days in ZGZ

Marcos Cebrián

Two days in ZGZ

One day...

On the first day, we recommend starting at Plaza del Pilar with a visit to the Pilar Basilica, la Lonja Lonja (market), la Seo and its magnificent tapestry museum. Afterwards, you can head to the Goya Museum - Ibercaja Collection to explore the art of one of our greatest geniuses, Francisco de Goya.

During tourist season, you can take the sightseeing bus to Muslim Aljafería Palace and then along the banks of the Ebro, an excellent opportunity to see the river aquarium. You can also spend some time exploring the modern infrastructure of the Expo 2008 grounds or take a relaxing stroll through Luis Buñuel Water Park.

Round off the day by sampling the local cuisine at a restaurant or in one of the many tapas areas.

Two days...

On the second day, you can return to Plaza del Pilar, but this time to discover the legacy of the Romans in Zaragoza at its archaeological museums. You can continue your exploration of Goya at the Zaragoza Museum or admire the archaeology and fine arts sections. Afterwards, you can view the magnificent work of Aragonese sculptor Pablo Gargallo at the museum named for him.You can also visit the unusual Origami Museum, Natural Science Museum or José Antonio Labordeta Park. All three options are excellent for those travelling with kids.

In the evening, you can enjoy one of the many concerts, theatre plays or performances that are part of the city's varied cultural offerings.

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