Two days in ZGZ

Marcos Cebrián

Two days in ZGZ

One day...

Get to Plaza del Pilar walking along Calle Alfonso and see the impressive Basilica del Pilar, will leave you speechless. Inside, works by Goya and the impressive alabaster altarpiece from the 16th century await you. XVI. Did you know that one of the best 360º panoramic views of Zaragoza awaits you from one of its towers?

Next to the Town Hall you will find la Lonja, let yourself be surrounded by its vaults of starry ribbed and enjoy the free exhibitions of established artists.

Already in la Seo, you will not miss its chapels where Baroque elements and Gothic-Renaissance decoration abound; its organ and its extraordinary alabaster altarpiece will captivate you. The exterior wall of the Parroquieta de La Seo is one of the masterpieces of Aragonese Mudéjar Art declared a World Heritage Site.

Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians left their mark on Zaragoza and a good example of its Roman heritage is the Caesaraugusta Route, made up of the Forum, the Theatre, the Baths and the River Port.

Caesar Augusto, founder of the city awaits you next to the Central Market, the Roman walls and the Torreón de la Zuda, which houses the tourist office and the Mirador de las Cuatro Culturas with views of the four cardinal points.

Time to eat!

Typical products and dishes such as borage, cod with ajoarriero or Ternasco de Aragón, a wide variety of establishments and the good work of its professionals, promise a gastronomic experience to enjoy with all 5 senses.

Afternoon of genios. Get inspired by Goya, Gargallo or Serrano.

Two Renaissance palaces house the works of two Aragonese geniuses. The Goya Museum Ibercaja Camón Aznar Collection, the only place in the world that permanently exhibits the complete collection of engravings. The Palace of the Counts of Argillo exhibits the work of the sculptor Pablo Gargallo , one of the most innovative sculptors of the 20th century.

If you are a lover of art and contemporary culture, do not miss the IAACC Pablo Serrano which houses a good sample of one of the most important national artists of the 20th century and among its collections are works by Saura, Picasso, Miró or Tàpies, and international artists such as Warhol, Bacon or Le Corbusier.

Time to take a break!

In the streets of the historic center you will find numerous charming cafes and terraces and a wide and varied menu.

Leaving the historic center behind, we invite you to walk from the Plaza de España to the Plaza de Aragón and walk along the Paseo de la Independencia, a shopping area par excellence, and visit one of the jewels of Aragonese Renaissance art, the Patio de la Infanta. You can also visit the Museo de Zaragoza, in Plaza of The Sites.

And to end your first day in the city with a good taste in your mouth, experience the tapas culture firsthand. Bars full of tapas and portions to share in an unbeatable atmosphere.

Second day in Zaragoza…

After a restful sleep in one of the accommodations in the city and a good breakfast, we start the morning with another of the essentials, the Aljafería Palace, the northernmost Spanish-Muslim palace in Europe.

To get there, you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the banks of the Ebro. Another option is to go into the neighborhood of San Pablo, visit the Mudejar church of San Pablo and climb to the top of its tower where another 360º panoramic view awaits you.

Continuing the walk along the banks of the Ebro you will reach the most avant-garde area of the city, the Expo. There you will find the Zaragoza Aquarium, one of the largest freshwater aquariums in Europe; the Bridge Pavilion, by the architect ZahaHadid, the Water Tower and the Congress Palace with the sculpture of the Alma del Ebro.

Located in the Ranillas meander, the Water Park Luís Buñuel, with its more than 120 hectares, is the largest urban park in Zaragoza.

Let's eat!

With a menu based on traditional and avant-garde flavors, you can eat in a restaurant or choose from the infinity of tapas that its menus and bars offer.

If you prefer a more cultural afternoon in the Plaza de San Agustín, we encourage you to visit the EMOZ, the Zaragoza Origami Museum School located at Story Center.

An alternative plan for the afternoon is to enjoy another of the green lungs of the city, the José Antonio Labordeta Large Park. You can get there on foot, by tram or by bike, enjoying a stroll through wide, tree-lined avenues.

If the walk has whetted your appetite, it's time to discover the chocolate tradition.

And as a climax, don't leave without photographing yourself at sunset from the balcony of San Lázaro, one of the "must" in Zaragoza. An indelible memory!

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