The Three Geniuses

Francisco de Goya

Francisco de Goya Francisco de Goya, knew how to create his own language and a unique, inimitable style, and his work can be seen in various parts of the city. Be sure to go and admire the large frescoes in the Basílica del Pilar de Zaragoza, the complete series of etchings that are permanently on display in the Museo Goya - Colección Ibercaja Museo Goya. Colección Ibercaja. Museo Camón Aznar, and the Museo de Zaragoza where you’ll find a representative collection of all the painter’s different periods. In Zaragoza, his work can also be found on the interior walls of the Cartuja Aula Dei you can see it above the arches of the Ermita de la Virgen de la Fuente. And in his hometown Fuendetodos, it’s possible to visit his house and the Museo del Grabado (Museum of Etching) .

The Pilar Basilica

Inside you will find sketches, his first fresco painting and the impressive Regina Martyrum

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Museo Goya-Colección Ibercaja-Museo Camón Aznar

This is the only museum in the world that permanently displays the whole series of Goya’s etchings: whims, war disasters and bullfighting.

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Zaragoza Museum

Here, you’ll find a representative collection of the painter’s different stages, from early to later life. Particular highlights include his portraits of Fernando VII, the Duke of San Carlos, his own son, or friends such as Goicoechea.

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Cartuja Aula Dei

On the walls of this monastery’s church, eleven scenes representing the life of the Virgin are depicted using an oil-on-wall technique.

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Fuendetodos: Birthplace, Museum of Etchings and Sala Zuloaga

In his hometown, Fuendetodos, it’s possible to visit his house and the nearby Museum of Etchings, which contains some very important series of his works.

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Muel: Chapel of the Virgen de la Fuente

Within this chapel, Francisco de Goya was commissioned to decorate the four spandrels with the figures of the four fathers of the church: Saint Ambrose, Saint Gregory the Great,Saint Augustine and Saint Jerome.

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Alma Mater Museum

In one of its rooms, the portrait of Archbishop Joaquín Company can be seen.

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Pablo Gargallo

Pablo Gargallo, was one of the great sculptors of the 20 th century. He was a pioneer in the use of voids to create volume and has his own museum in Zaragoza, Museo Pablo Gargallo. Here, you’ll discover his work through the more than 170 exhibits whilst enjoying two jewels of the city: the late-Renaissance Condes de Argillo Palace, which houses the museum, and the Plaza de San Felipe, one of the most delightful corners of the city.

Museo Pablo Gargallo

The Pablo Gargallo Museum is located within the Condes de Argillo Palace where you’ll be greeted at the entrance by two equestrian sculptures.

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Pablo Serrano

The works of Pablo Serrano, one of the most important 20 th century Spanish artists,are spread across various different cities around the world. In Zaragoza, two of his most important sculptures town hall, and his large relief of the ‘Venida de la Virgen del Pilar’ can be admired inside the Basílica del Pilar.

El IAACC Pablo Serrano, is the only existing monographic museum dedicated to the sculptor. The building is noted for its large geometric volumes and metal plate finishes lacquered in blue and black. It also boasts an excellent roof terrace where you can admire the Zaragoza skyline whilst enjoying cocktails and tasty modern cuisine.

IAACC Pablo Serrano

This museum is located within a renovated industrial building. It powerfully grabs your attention with its large geometric volumes and metal plate finishes lacquered in blue and black. This museum in the city of Zaragoza is the only monographic museum that exists on the sculptor from Teruel.

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