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Zaragoza Film Office


The Zaragoza Film Office is a newly created project of the Zaragoza City Council to promote audio-visual filming in our city.

It is devised as a one-stop office to respond to the needs of companies and activities related to the shooting and recording of films of various lengths, TV programmes and series, documentaries, commercials and photographic reports that take place in the municipality of Zaragoza.

Zaragoza Film Office is part of the External Promotion Office, within the Culture and External Promotion Department.


  1. Create a permanent municipal structure capable of facilitating the work of audio-visual production in the city of Zaragoza and promoting audio-visual culture.
  2. Support the local network of audio-visual and service companies.
  3. Establish coordination structures with other institutions present in the city and its surroundings to promote filming.
  4. Promote audio-visual culture in coordination with other municipal areas, institutions and entities.
Address: C/ Torrenueva, 25
Phone: +34 976 721 417

Social networks:

Facebook: FilmZaragoza
Twitter: FilmZaragoza
Instagram: filmzaragoza
Linked-in: zaragoza-film-office