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Luis Lacorte

Parks and natural spaces

In addition, in Zaragoza it is possible to enjoy other parks and green areas.

On the left bank, the Parque del Tío Jorge pays tribute to Jorge Ibor y Casamayor, hero of the defense of Zaragoza during the first Siege of 1808, with an area of more than 15 hectares.

The central Parque Bruil, built by Juan Faustino Bruil, banker and politician, gives us 4 hectares of green areas. Did you know that Zaragoza FC played in their fields?

Miraflores Park is larger than it appears at first glance. It also hides a secret place: at the top of the hill in the western part, there is a bench from which you can see the beautiful sunsets.

In the Delicias Park, its 13 gates and the variety of flora attract attention, with more than 100 species planted in the area for two centuries. With its 9Ha it is one of the largest.

The Aljafería Park is interesting for botany fans, with different species of palm trees from California, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and North Africa. Its 5.3 hectares are home to olive, pine and eucalyptus trees, as well as several fountains and a small pond.

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