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Plano del Segundo Nivel

Second Level

Leyenda del Segundo Nivel

The visit begins with an audio-visual presentation in which the Ebro river narrates the historical events that it has witnessed on this site. It tells us about the first simple dwellings which were erected on its banks, forming the settlement of Salduie and the arrival of the Romans.
An inhabitant of Caesaraugusta comes back to life for a few minutes, to narrate his childhood experiences and his youth in the city forum.

Next we can see a model with audio information that recreates the market in the time of Augustus.

The room has several showcases with displays depicting daily life in Roman times. There are archaeological exhibits from the excavations in La Seo square together with drawings recreating scenes that show how they were used.

Lastly, visitors can see inside a sewer from the time of Tiberius, built to evacuate the waste waters from this part of the city, and particularly from the forum, taking them towards the Ebro river. The building technique used to construct it is opus caementicium, which is today´s formwork. The marks left by the planks used to construct it can still be seen on the walls.