Glorieta de Sasera

We cross Sagasta Boulevard, one of the expansion areas of a city that, at the beginning of the 20th century grew towards the south, forming a residential area for the bourgeoisie that included a magnificent group of Modernists constructions- and stop at the Glorieta Sasera. There, we can see a fountain with a commemorative sculpture devoted To the Defenders of el Pilar. This work, even though was built before the previous one, was not placed there until the 1960s. From 1909, there are remembered the bloody events that took place during the second siege suffered by the city, with an obelisk designed by the municipal architect Ricardo Magdalena, in which it can be read this:

"!"People of Zaragoza: for the Pilar Virgin. Death or Glory. 1808" and "To the heroic defenders of el Pilar. First Centenary of Zaragoza Sieges. 1908".

It is a humble monument, comparable to another one designed also by Magdalena in memory of other heroes of Zaragoza Sieges and that was erected on the Stone Bridge: the Cross in Memory of Basilio Boggiero, Santiago Sas and the Baron of Warsage, another landmark that continues to remind us our past.