Constitución Boulevard

Constitución Boulevard is a charming avenue that combines lush vegetation and garden areas with an important number of different sculptures. First, we find a monument which does not recall a local historic event: the Monument to the Constitution of 1978. In spite of being a commemorative monument, it is far from the traditional idea of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, based on the descriptive or symbolic representation of an event, in which the protagonists are interlaced with allegories representing certain abstract concepts. The monument changes its meaning, passing from the symbolic to the metaphorical.

We go along Constitución Boulevard to San Ignacio de Loyola and Isaac Peral streets, where we find the Monument to the Civil Servants Murdered that we have commented on before.

Walking on the same route towards la Mina Promenade, we find another recent funerary monument, the Memorial to the Victims of the Yakolev-42, which commemorates a tragic airplane accident in which 62 people died. Its intention is completely different from that of other 19th century monuments which highlighted the heroism of dead people. In this case, the monument invites to be in silence, meditate and reflect on it. Even though the way to express mourning has changed, it can be noticed how time passes but the initial idea for building a commemorative monument as a way through which society talks and shows their empathy or rejection for certain events remains.