More than two centuries ago, Francisco de Goya referred to his city with the word heart and symbolised it with the image of his mother embracing him as a child. This emotional and evocative drawing by the artist is the inspiration for the new Zaragoza brand and its reference to the feelings the city awakens.

A heart inspired by Goya but with modern and geometric lines. A symbol of a city that is vibrant, alive and beats to the rhythm of its heart.

A city that Loves you.

Zaragoza is a lively city, a link between the past and the present. Its people are warm and welcoming, always ready to receive visitors. What better way to symbolise it than through lines of changing colours, intertwined and connected in nodes.

This is a modern graphic to represent the city, its intertwined initiatives and the relationship between the people of Zaragoza and its visitors.

It is also a tribute to the nervous system drawn by another great Aragonese genius: Santiago Ramón y Cajal.