Huertas Life Km 0

Huerta Km 0

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Environmental recovery of peri-urban areas through intervention in the ecosystem and farming

LIFE 12 ENV/ES/000919

3 years and 4 months (01/09/2013 to 31/12/2016)
The grounds surrounding Zaragoza Huerta offer an environmental opportunity and allow generating a valuable economic activity:
  • Enables a specific primary sector of great potential for the local economy and boost employment
  • Revalues the traditional cultural heritage
  • Provides healthy products grown here, "products our products Km0"
  • Retrieve the fertile soil of suburban Zaragoza in which traditionally has been growing fruits and vegetables and now is in a state of regression by default, crop substitution and the threat of urban sprawl.
  • Regenerate biodiversity of flora and fauna and adapt the arable land for a natural agriculture, Huertas LIFE Km0 that indigenous and traditional varieties harvested for consumption in proximity ("Km0 Products").
  • Promote and support the activity of new eco-farmers with entrepreneurial spirit, providing them with training to practice the craft and technical assistance to start and grow your new business.
  • Build three new urban gardens for use and enjoyment by the public and as a starting point for new eco-farmers.
  • Environmental intervention in the Huerta de Zaragoza
  • Boosting natural farming and traditional indigenous varieties
  • Demarcation of plots suitable for the existing culture in the Huerta de Zaragoza
  • Adaptation of a plot as natural growing experimental plot
  • Modelling of the operation: "Huerta Km0 LIFE"
  • Promotion of new entrepreneurs farmers
  • Training in "Green Km0 Agricultural School"
  • Impetus to the creation of Urban Gardens
  • Plan awareness and dissemination of "Products Km0" between citizens
Expected Results
  • Start cultivating 25 traditional organic farmers
  • Creating at least 25 new jobs (eco-farmers) plus induced jobs project implementation
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in that space by more than 32%. Also will stop being issued about 30 T of CO2 per year in transport
  • Creating biological corridors through the network of ditches and maintenance of roadsides and borders
  • Km0 marketing of products in one of the municipal markets and 10 local neighborhood fruit and vegetables
  • Incorporation of these products in public schools and catering establishments.
  • Creating a direct point of sale in the agricultural space itself
  • Gourmet "flavors from the garden" campaign Zaragoza restaurants
  • Increase the number of certified organic gardeners in Zaragoza


EU contribution729.955 euros
Municipal contribution
General Budget873.769 euros
Net Contribution155.374 euros
Total1.759.098 euros
Distribution of Budget
Staff774.429 euros
Infrastructures and equipment325.210 euros
Management and implementation659.459 euros

Acts Done

  • The Agricultural School Huertas Km0 LIFE project continues with the selection process of new farmers.
    Activities performed on 07/11/2014
  • Biodiversity Conference
    Key Biodiversity Conservation and Desarrollo
  • Agricultural school presentation ceremony, June 17, 2014
    On Tuesday 17 publicly presented the Green Km0 Agricultural School, a training center for professional incorporation into organic agriculture, "Huertas Km0 LIFE" project of the City of Zaragoza.