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Expo 2008 was an international exhibition focusing on water and sustainable development and was an extremely important event for the city of Zaragoza. The transformation was so great that we dare say that, after the event, it became an entirely new city.

The area known as the Ranillas meander and the banks of the River Ebro went from being a space of little use to the city to being a green area filled with riverside vegetation, water parks, bars and restaurants and an area of ​​development and fun for everyone.

Structures were built here which have since become iconic buildings, worthy representatives of a modern city always looking forward. Here are some of the most important ones:


Torre del Agua (Water Tower).

Its name comes from the fact that its footprint is the shape of a drop of water. As a result,the building takes on a different shape depending on which angle you look at it from.Inside the building, you’ll find the Splash sculpture, 23 metres high and 9 metres indiameter, designed by Program Collective and developed for Expo 2008 by Pere Gifre using fluid and dynamic simulation systems.

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Pabellón Puente (Bridge Pavilion).

Designed by the celebrated British-Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid.

Its shape imitates a gladiola which starts with one stem supported on the right bank of the river and then forks into three stems to rest on the left bank.Its interior is dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

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Pabellón de España (Pavilion of Spain).

Easily recognised by its forest of baked-clay columns surrounding it, this pavilion demonstrates that development and respect for the environment can go hand in hand.The building is an example of sustainable architecture using the right materials andbioclimatic construction to allow big energy savings and the integration of renewable energy

It has been awarded numerous national and international awards.

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Parque del Agua (Water Park).

This is a linear park running along the left bank of the River Ebro from the Bridge Pavilion to the Pasarela del Voluntariado.

This green space allows you to enjoy nature in the heart of the city and features a river beach, calm water channels for canoeing and 5km and 10km running circuits.

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