Foreign trade promotion

Foreign trade promotion

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Zaragoza Tourism Board`s Foreign Trade Promotion Department`s goal is to position Zaragoza among the leading international tourist destinations.

In order to achieve this, a team of professionals carries out a series of initiatives in order to disseminate the city`s tourist attractions, both in Spain and abroad, including attending trade fairs, promotional events and workshops, and greeting and supporting professionals from the tourism sector visiting the city, such as tour operators, travel agents and journalists, among others.

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Destination Zaragoza

Our city is a door open to the future and progress.

Zaragoza is an interesting city to visit due to its wide range of attractions both in terms of business, congresses and conventions and cultural, religious, sporting, gastronomic and incentive trip tourism, among others. The city boasts the necessary infrastructure to cater for even the most demanding clients.

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