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Zaragoza offers visitors a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The personality and openness of its people make hospitality one of the city?s most notable characteristics. Zaragoza enjoys an exceptional location in the heart of the Ebro Valley, at a natural crossroads (equidistant from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao). Zaragoza has an international airport and is part of a comprehensive network of motorways and major roads and a rail network, reinforced by the high-speed line connecting the city to Madrid and Barcelona in just over an hour. The city successfully combines its historic past with avant-garde art, joined by its interest in the environment.

Contemporary, innovative, cosmopolitan, modern. Zaragoza?s streets conceal centuries of art and culture, allowing visitors to discover its wealth of historical heritage and monuments. In the old quarter, laid out by the Romans, the imperial legacy left its mark with spectacular archaeological remains. The lightness of the height of the Gothic style is on show in La Seo Cathedral. Mudejar architecture listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site can be found in La Seo, San Pablo Church and the 11th-century Aljafería Palace, one of the best preserved examples of Muslim palace architecture. The Lonja (market) and La Infanta Courtyard offer harmonious examples of the Renaissance style and the famed Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar displays the grandeur of the baroque. Visitors can also admire the power of Goya in each of his artistic periods. But Zaragoza also looks to the future, promoting its emerging artists and supporting a wide range of artistic expressions for the public?s enjoyment.

Throughout the year, Zaragoza is a focal point for intense and varied cultural activity. The city celebrates a number of festivities over the course of the year, starting in January with the festival of St Valerius, patron saint of the city. There is Carnival in February and March brings the Cincomarzada (commemorating the famous battle) and Holy Week celebrations, listed as an international tourist attraction and dating back over 700 years. The festival of St George is in April. And the high point comes in October, with the Festival of El Pilar.

Aragonese cuisine incorporates a broad range of excellent ingredients. A generous helping of competitions keeps the industry alive, encouraging ongoing innovation, without losing sight of its traditional roots. Visitors have any number of options for exploring the city?s wealth of historical, cultural and culinary heritage.

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