Playing for real. Striking the deal

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Playing for real. Striking the deal

16-09-2019 19:00    Plaza Activa, Zaragoza Activa (La Azucarera)

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An interactive role play scenario: A football club is in negotiation with a sponsor to finalise the deal for the forthcoming seasons, but the star striker has been behaving badly in recent months. Can the negotiators close out a deal for their respective employers?  


Introduction to key business vocabulary and a practical real time scenario to improve instinctive English in speaking and listening.  


A series of drama and game scenarios that provide participants with an engaging and entertaining structure to practice and improve English fluency and skills. Especially focusing on realtime decisions and language use, developing use of English without translation and more natural intonation.  

Dirigido a: Minimum Intermediate (B2 Level) / Actividad dirigida a mayores de 16 años


Merrick Wells is a qualified English language teacher with over twenty years experience across different continents. His classes are driven by interactive and engaging activities drawing on theatrical, television and radio experience. Find out more at

Horario: 19 a 20:30 h
Lugar: Zaragoza Activa La Azucarera.