Speaknic Pro - Success - diamond in the rough

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Speaknic Pro - Success - diamond in the rough

25-02-2019 19:00    Plaza Activa, Zaragoza Activa (La Azucarera)

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Debate in English: Success – diamond in the rough

Debate is modulated by experienced native teacher Benjamin Ansell, providing useful vocabulary, dealing with doubts and encouraging the use of practical English through debate participation. Come speak your mind!

Moderator Benjamin Ansell discusses how people from normal backgrounds drive themselves to success.


To learn new, useful phrases and vocabulary related to the topic and practice and improve your English in a supportive and fun environment.


Debates based on varying topics, providing varying vocabulary and language use un environment.

  • Brainstorming
  • Grammar
  • Open discussion
  • Debate

Dirigido a: Minimum Intermediate: B1/B2 level English / Actividad dirigida a mayores de 16 años

Imparte: Benjamin Ansell, native teacher. https://www.bulldogz.org/

Horario: 19 a 20:30 h
Lugar: Zaragoza Activa La Azucarera.

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