Our partners

Member services

Zaragoza Zaragoza Congresos offers its members the following services :

Access to the Intranet of Zaragoza Congresos :

  • Database of congresses and contacts.
  • Database of all partner companies.

Sending publications :

  • Quarterly newsletter.
  • Informative circulars.

Inclusion in the following publications edited by zaragoza congresos :

  • Annual dossier of Zaragoza Congresos.
  • Website of Zaragoza Tourism.

Identification as an associate member :

  • Delivery of the Associate Member Plaque.

Access to published material.

  • Tourist brochures.
  • City maps.
  • Promotional video of Zaragoza Ciudad de Congresos.

Possibility to participate in promotional events

  • Presentations of the destination attended by Zaragoza Congresos.
  • Professional fairs.
  • Workshops.

Zcb profit club of zaragoza

  • Possibility of participating in the ZCB Profit Club, networking meetings aimed at generating business contacts between participants.