What is ZCB Corporate

What is ZCB Corporate

Zaragoza Congresos is committed to a new way of collaboration with the city's companies through this project, which seeks to build a closer relationship with that business sector of Zaragoza not directly linked to event organization.

Its goal is triple: To have the support of relevant city companies in their promotion of the city as a destination; to provide information and collaboration in the organization of its events and participate in their dissemination; to establish synergies between Zaragoza Congresos partner companies, linked to the meeting market, and those companies engaged in other professional areas.

Benefits of being a Club member

  • Visibility, synergies and access to the contact person details of all partner companies of Zaragoza Congresos.
  • Support and collaboration in the organization of any corporate event or convention they carry out.
  • Publication of news, attendance at meetings held by Zaragoza Congresses and cooperation agreements.
  • Maximum confidentiality.

How to belong

Participation in ZCB Corporativo does not entail any cost to interested companies. To participate, all you have to do is write to zcb@zaragoza.es, and ask to be included.

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