Zaragoza in summer

If you’ve decided to visit Zaragoza in the summer, it’s important to know that it this time of year is very hot and dry, and this has an effect on the way of life in the city.

Zaragoza has more than 2,000 years of history and is full of monuments and buildings of different styles and periods. Among them, there’s one thing which will particularly grab your attention and you won’t find it anywhere else: the Aragonese Mudéjar. You’ll see this style of architecture in many of the churches and palaces in the city.

Some of the most unique buildings that you mustn’t miss include La Seo, the Aljafería, the Basilica del Pilar, the Roman Theatre and Forum, the Puerta del Carmen and the Murallas (the roman walls).

As well as getting to know the jewels of our heritage, we also want you to experience how the people live during these months. In the late afternoon, when the sun is a little cooler and a light breeze picks up, we invite you to join in with the locals and see how they enjoy the rest of the day before night falls.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Enjoy a drink on a terraza: Without a doubt, this is a classic pastime when the good weather arrives. In Zaragoza, we’re lucky enough to have terrazas and outdoor tables in iconic places such as the Plaza de España or the Plaza del Pilar. Furthermore, there are parks, such as on the banks of the River Ebro, or even rooftop terraces where you can have a drink whilst enjoying some special views of the city.
  • Bus Turístico: Diurno, Nocturno y Megabús. Desde el día 1 de julio y durante todo el transcurso del verano, el Bus Turístico Diurno recorre a diario las calles de Zaragoza, y te brinda la oportunidad de conocer la ciudad desde tu asiento. Podrás apearte en cualquiera de las 16 paradas, visitar la zona que desees, y volver a subirte de nuevo.
    Los sábados, a partir de las 21:45 h., podrás utilizar el Bus Nocturno y vivir la magia de los edificios más emblemáticos iluminados. El Megabús, desde el 14 de julio al 31 de agosto, te ofrecerá la oportunidad de vivir una auténtica aventura familiar sobre ruedas.
  • “…A la fresca” In the late afternoon, the plazas, parks and streets of Zaragoza are filled with music, theatre, dance, magic, clowns, acrobatics and comedy, thanks to a summer programme for spending time outside in the fresh air.
    There are various activities and events on offer to give locals the chance to enjoy artistic performances close to home and for free.
  • Film in the park. In some of the city`s parks, there are free outdoor cinemas on offer.
    This a great opportunity to get to know the parks and enjoy the evening a little differently.
  • A day out in Parque Luis Buñuel. Summer is the best time to discover this urban space, which has been awarded the “Green Globe” certificate, the only space in Europe to receive such recognition.
    All the activities in the park revolve around water: aquatic gardens, canals and river beaches. It’s the ideal place to spend a day alone, with friends, with family or with your pet. What better place to be on a hot day!
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