Holy Week

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If you want to discover one of the most important festivities in Zaragoza, you can`t miss Holy Week; dating back over 700 years, particularly interesting is the distinctive form it takes on in this city.

The celebrations bring together age-old Castilian and Andalusian traditions with the strength of the typical Lower Aragon drums. So it`s easy to identify a jumble of foreign and native elements which have fused together to create something new and quite unique. a real experience! Festivity declared to be of National Tourist Interest in 2001 and of International Tourist Interest in 2014.


Holy Week in ZGZ

In you want to take in a religious and cultural display such as our Holy Week and enjoy its essence, you have to open your eyes and be receptive. You have to let yourself go, live and experience. Enjoy the smell of incense, the beauty of the floats, the colors of the robes and the sound (which is never noise) that thunders and shakes.

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Throughout its history, Holy Week in Zaragoza has been associated primarily with two religious institutions: the Venerable Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi and the Very Illustrious, Ancient and Royal Brotherhood of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Merciful Mother of God.

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Starting in 1935, a series of events led the faithful to assemble into various confraternities.

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The Coordinating Board of Confraternities

This entity was created in 1948 due to the growing need to coordinate the various processions.

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Cofradía Route

If you want to learn even more about Holy Week in Zaragoza, why not take part in the Cofradía Route.

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Texts: Junta Coordinadora de Cofradías

Pictures: Fernando Pinilla, Óscar Puigdevall, Jorge Sesé, Tomás Vela

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