La Magdalena

Barrio magdalena

This neighborhood is located in the historic city center, and is made up of the streets that surround the Plaza de La Magdalena, the location of the church of the same name, a veritable jewel of Zaragoza's Mudejar art.

The Jewish quarter was housed here, in the area closest to what is now the Plaza de San Miguel. Its narrow streets and low-rise houses are witnesses to their intended use back then.

As with the old quarters in many other cities, this neighborhood is characterized by its interculturalism.

It’s a neighborhood that, thanks to the efforts of residents and thriving civil movements, is being transformed while maintaining the essence that characterizes these areas. Here you will find young entrepreneurs who are opening craft, vintage fashion or decoration shops that are very different from those you can find in other areas of the city.

Today, La Magdalena is a dynamic neighborhood with social centers, offices for multiple neighborhood associations, artists, bohemians, gallery owners and street painters. A neighborhood in which residents exhibit their cultural and musical restlessness, attracting residents from other neighborhoods and even from other towns. Its Cultural Week, which is celebrated in the month of June and features tours through open workshops and various festivals, is highly renowned.

In it, you can visit some of the most valuable jewels of Zaragoza's heritage: churches such as San Carlos Borromeo, La Magdalena, and the only monastery in the city, the Monastery of the Resurrection..


In its streets you will find charming restaurants and tapas bars that have made the “Juepincho”, a sort of tapa hopping that takes place every Thursday of the year, in which participating bars and restaurants offer a drink plus one tapa for two euros. This activity has become fashionable and

Without a doubt, La Magdalena is the most alternative and fashionable neighborhood of Zaragoza.

Come walk the streets of this neighborhood and feel how the resolve of local groups has created a neighborhood with the quality of life that we all dream of, without depriving it of its essence.

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