SWITCH Project in Zaragoza


Why the ACTUR?.

The district ACTUR - Rey Fernando has been chosen since it has different positive factors for carrying out a comprehensive intervention:

  • Thanks to the characteristics of its water distribution system, the target area can be divided into sectors.
  • The homogeneous distribution of the public services makes easier to reach conclusions on water consumption

On 17 April 2007 the City Council of Zaragoza presented at Río Ebro Civic Centre the actions foreseen to analyse and reduce drinking water waste in the households and small gardens targeted.

Six sectors.

In order carry out a more precise and comparative survey, the intervention area was divided in 6 sectors. In every one of them, the distribution network was made independent and consumption measured to be compared with customer´s consumption and identify the causes why certain volumes of water were not measured (leaks in the distribution network and the consumer supply lines, errors of the gauge devices, consumption not measured in gardens, etc).

All these aspects will allow us to draw conclusions for the development of the division into sectors of the distribution network of the city, for controlling consumption, and for improving private and public consumption habits.