Life Zaragoza Natural


Within the campaign of citizenship promotion of the environment of Zaragoza we can quote a variety of actions, including a travelling exhibition on LIFE Natural Zaragoza, teaching materials (student cards and teacher?s notebook), live web cams in four significant points for wildlife observation, photo contests, creative competitions and the creation of a of high-quality image bank that can be used in the project and available to citizens.

Action B.10.1. Exhibiton of itnerant ecosystems.

Exposición Itinerante

"Zaragoza Natural. The infrastructure of the life" was inaugurated on February 2015 in the Ambient Centre of the river Ebro, Zaragoza, and until April 2016, it has been able to be visited in different civics centres and common and cultural spaces of the city as the Documentation of Water Centre, Histories Centre or Delicias Station. The exhibition has published natural spaces and connections established between them, which is called "Green Infrastructure".

Zaragoza has a big extension of cultural patrimony and diversity, which has been reflected in the exhibition by pictures and informative panels about natural spaces forests and steppes, parks, rivers and wetlands and, also, species. The exhibition has taken part of a promotion campaign of the environment of the city with the community support, inside the programme Life Zaragoza Natural.



Action B.10.2. Techniques & Tools for 'Green Employment' Courses.

Curso Emplea en Verde

"GREEN WORKING-STYLE" From 11 to 21 de September

The course gives techniques and tools coaching in developing a green employment style. The GREEN WORKING-STYLE is framed in the context of action B10 project LIFE12 ENV / ES / 000567 Zaragoza Natural. It makes a partnership proposal: a citizen promotion campaign, acting the environment as the core of this collective engagement challenge. Particularly, impinge on a positive assessment of all economic possibilities its spaces offer.

Goals This is a 40-hour course on techniques, tools and didactic applications, to that entire people thoroughly eager in focusing their professional activity on the urban sustainable environment field and the green networks. Te course deals with such topics as consultation and management, control and analysis, training and education, research, development and innovation, resource use and ecotourism, participation and governance. Course intended to students or recent graduated students, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation: Geography, Turism, engineering, and further environment topic specialities.

Performance: Date From 11 to 21 September 2017 2017, 16:00 to 21:00 h.

Location: Centro Ambiental del Ebro (en Plaza Europa 1-3) y Departamento de Geografía, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (en C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12)

Professorship: Ángel Pueyo Campos (coordinador), Jorge Dieste Hernández, Ondrej Kratochvíl, María Pilar Serrano Muela, geógrafos del grupo GEOT (Grupo de Estudios en Ordenación del Territorio) de la Universidad de Zaragoza.

Registration: Deadline From 1 july to 4 September 2017, by e-mail:

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