Riberas del Ebro

Daniel Marcos & Félix Bernad

The 10 km of the Ebro River that pass through the city leave us almost 20 km of banks on which to enjoy nature and monuments. The riverside avenue that divides the city is full of life and beckons you to discover it with a walk or bike ride, which will make you take out your camera to photograph the landscape of and from the riverbank.

Expo 2008marked a turning point for the city, and especially for the banks, which were environmentally restored.

On the right bank, the Ebro crosses the neighborhoods of La Almozara, San Pablo, Casco Viejo and Las Fuentes, leaving in its wake Los Angeles beach, the park of San Pablo Park, the convent of Santo Domingo, the walls and the Torreón de la Zuda, the Basílica del Pilar, the Town Hall and the La Lonja, the Archbishop’s Palace, inside which is the Alma Mater Museum and the Monastery of the Resurrection..

On the left bank are the Expo venue and the CREA building (Did you know it was used as the Aragón Pavilion at the 1992 Seville Expo, the Balcón de San Lázaro and its overlook, which offers one of the best views for photographing the Basilica del Pilar and the Puente de Piedra, and the Ebro linear park.

The Camino Jacobeo del Ebro passes through the city, and the GR 99 spans the Ebro River from beginning to end along the peninsula!

The banks of the Ebro await to showcase the most natural and riparian part of Zaragoza. Be sure to visit its bridges as well.

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