Paseo Damas

Esther Casas
Barrio centro

The Paseo de Las Damas is one of the most typical streets in an area that is part of the heart of the neighborhood called Centro. This well-known street connects Avenida Sagasta with Plaza de Albert Schweitzer.

The streets adjacent to the Paseo de Las Damas, such as Calle de La Constitución, León XIII, can justly be called “promenades”. This is because walking along them, especially in the hot summer months, is to do so under a veritable umbrella of cool and relaxing shade.

The lushness that the exuberant vegetation imbues on the streets of this area, together with the large number services offer there and the variety of shops, where internationally prestigious brands mingle with off-beat trade, make this area the ideal place to live.

The landmarks you can find in this area include:

  • Monument to the Spanish Constitution, featuring three pyramids on a fountain representing the branches of democracy: legislative, executive and judicial.
  • “Couple walking under an umbrella”, a sculpture in which the artist, Manuel López, recalls his youth.

In the Sasera roundabout, a small square reminds us of the location of the stronghold of El Pilar, a defensive point, during the sieges:

  • A fountain with a bronze sculpture and two cannons from that time. The cannons bear the names of "Rayo" and "Tigre".

We would also highly recommend a walk or bike ride through one of the most exclusive areas of the city of Zaragoza. The route is very pleasant and the distance is short, going from El Paraíso to Plaza de los Sitio. It won’t take more than ten minutes.

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