El Portillo - Pza. de Toros

Barrio centro

You’re invited to stroll through the Portillo neighborhood. This neighborhood is a go-between separating the old part of the city within the walls and what was then the suburbs.

The neighborhood gets its name from the square of the same name, which is home to the monument to the heroine Agustina de Aragón, who played a key role, together with other women, in defending the city against French troops. On a pedestal is the figure of Agustina, stepping on the butt of a cannon. On the back of the pedestal are images depicting a lion and an eagle, symbols of the city of Zaragoza and the French Empire, respectively. In front is the figure of an inhabitant of Aragón holding a laurel wreath, symbol of the award that these heroines deserve.

Also in this square is the church of Nuestra Señora del Portillo, a baroque church that houses the Chapel of the Heroines, where the remains of Agustina de Aragón, Casta Álvarez and Manuela Sancho rest.

This will help you better understand the special connection between this square and women.

Nearby you will find the “La Misericordia” bullring, one of the oldest in Spain. And it’s in the month of October, coinciding with the Pilar festivities, when the year’sbest bullfights take place.

You can also visit one of the premiere jewels of art, the Palacio de La Aljafería, a mixture of architectural styles, of occupants and of uses for which this building was destined: it was an Islamic palace, home of the Catholic monarchs and is currently the seat of the regional parliament of Aragón.

Conde Aranda street is a faithful reflection of the commercial activity and the interculturality that characterizes the Portillo neighborhood.

And to cap off your visit, here you will find tapas bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy the delicacies of Aragonese cuisine: portions of ham and sausages, lamb from Aragón or juicy grilled meats, which may be served with vegetables and fruits from the Ebro and Jalón river valleys.

The Portillo neighborhood boasts a special historical, commercial and gastronomic heritage that enhances the city of Zaragoza, making it one of a kind.

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