Natural spaces

Natural spaces

Parks, river banks, groves, river meanders... Zaragoza boasts several privileged natural spaces where water, and in particular the River Ebro, take centre stage, affording the city a special type of energy and light. Vegetation, water and design create natural, peaceful and beautiful settings where you can savour the environmental diversity and get back in touch with yourself.

Aragon is home to a stunning array of landscapes, from the peaks of the Pyrenees, in the north of Aragon, to spectacular valleys carved by the rivers that descend from the mountains of Teruel.

Mountains with glaciers, river gorges, forests that offer up a unique sight in autumn, rivers, lagoons and wetlands. all of this contrasting with the stunning, arid steppes of the Ebro Valley.

Make the most of all this and help us preserve Aragon`s Natural Heritage. Natural parks in Aragon

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