RENAISSANCE Project in Zaragoza



Renaissance is the European programme which frame Zaragoza´s new construction and rehabilitation projects, and bioclimatic examples. The European project Renaissance (Action on renewable energies in the field of new and sustainable companies in the Autonomous Community), is included in "Concerto" Program from the General Directorate of TREN of the European Commission, aiming at saving energy in the European Union. The Project was passed by the Commission´s call for the 6th Frame Programme of DGTREN in 2004.

The Project counts on several actions for energy saving in the local community, from the construction of bioclimatic buildings to its rehabilitation thanks to the incorporation of renewable energies. Renaissance pretends to check energy saving in our society through the study of social behaviour and new constructive solutions.

Lyon, France; Zaragoza, Spain; and Lombardy, Italy, participate in this European project. They share experiences on the implementation of two new districts created on the basis of bioclimatic construction, the incorporation of renewable energies to energy public necessities, and, on Zaragoza´s side, the rehabilitation of buildings by the incorporation of energy and climate sustainability parameters

RENAISSANCE project aims at promoting the introduction of sustainable energy solutions integrated to European communities through parallel activities for testing, researching, developing, spreading and training. The Project will contribute to Concerto´s global aim to reproduce this rapprochement through using the opportunities provided by urban renovation, in order to guarantee a sustainable covering for the energy necessities of the communities.


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