Religious Zaragoza

Religious Zaragoza

Without doubt one of the biggest attractions of Zaragoza is the fact that it is a pilgrimage city, a cradle of Christianity and Marian fervour. So holds tradition, which tells of how the Virgen Mary, stood upon a marble pillar, appeared before the Apostle Saint James (Santiago) and told him to build a temple around this Pillar (Pilar).

Following the apparition of the Virgin, Zaragoza became a major religious and spiritual destination which is, furthermore, combined today with deep-rooted traditions and a rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage:

  • La Basílica del Pilar. first Marian Temple in the Christian world
  • Mudéjar art, declared a World Heritage Site.
  • Holy Week celebrations, declared of National Tourist Interest.
  • Ruta Jacobea del Ebro and Marian Route.

Holy Week

Every year Zaragoza outdoes itself with its Holy Week celebrations - there`s a reason why it was recognised as a `Festival of National Tourist Interest` back in 2001. For nine days the city is transformed and the streets are filled with the scent of incense, the sight of colourful robes and the traditional beat of the drums.

semana santa en zaragoza

St James Route

Zaragoza has a long-established Jacobean tradition, going back to the first pilgrim to arrive in the city in the 12th century. If you want to learn about how this tradition started, don`t miss the fascinating Drama Tour which will take you back to the times of the Apostle Saint James (Santiago).

ruta jacobea

Marian Route

This Route takes in four of the most important shrines from the Marian tradition, a cultural and religious route which is also a hugely enriching heritage, gastronomic and cultural experience.

ruta mariana

The weather in Zaragoza

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