Urban Adventure

Urban Adventure

When was the last time you went canoeing, horse riding or on a scenic flight without leaving the city?... this is your chance to feel your adrenaline rush and discover Zaragoza in a new way.

Zaragoza by Bike

Zaragoza has become a very bike-friendly city thanks to the ever-expanding network of bike lanes. Sign up for the Bizitour and learn about the history of Zaragoza with this journey along the banks of the Ebro!.


Zaragoza by River

Set on the banks of the River Ebro, you can enjoy a whole host of river activities in Zaragoza. It`s up to you to decide how just much adrenaline you want to experience.


Zaragoza from the air

Enjoy the Zaragoza sky and experience birds` eye views over the landscape of the city and its surroundings... Make your dream of flying come true in Zaragoza.


The weather in Zaragoza

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