Getting around Zaragoza

Getting around Zaragoza

Zaragoza is a pleasant and welcoming, city which is easy to get around on foot, by bike, on roller-skates, by car or by bus. We recommend you leave your car safely parked and enjoy strolling through the centre, the shopping districts or the several parks that lie within a short walk.

Furthermore, Zaragoza boasts an excellent public transport service, making it easy to travel between its various sights.

Travelling by taxi

See the Zaragoza Map (Taxis).

Travelling by bike

Zaragoza boasts an ever-expanding bicycle lane network which connects the various neighbourhoods and makes it possible to explore the city in a more eco-friendly way. Check out the network of bicycle lanes and roads suitable for cyclists.

The public transport service Zaragoza en Bizi offers a network of bicycles and stations which works through an annual or temporary subscription scheme.

See the Zaragoza Map (Bikes).

Travelling by car

To get around the city by car, consult the list of Car Parks in order to leave your vehicle securely parked, as well as the list of Car rental firms.

See the Zaragoza Map (Parkings).

Travelling by Tram

Having its roots in the City Council?s Sustainable Mobility Plan, the Zaragoza Tram initiative will provide the city with a mode of public transport that is committed to the preservation of the environment, urban landscape and cultural heritage.

The weather in Zaragoza

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