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What is a Greeter-Cicerone?

Greeter-Cicerones of Zaragoza are volunteers who are in love with their city, who wish to unselfishly transmit their vision of the city, as well as enjoy an experience, a cultural exchange with the visitor. 

  • A Greeter is not a tourist guide
  • A Greeter?s service has no charge.
  • The Greeter does not accompany gropus or more than 6 people.

Discover Zaragoza accompanied by a Greeter

Discovering Zaragoza accompanied by a Greeter-Cicerone means strolling through his/her favourite places - places that do not appear in travel guides -, visiting the daily activity of the place where he/she lives, seeing the city through his/her eyes. With this person, you will be able to discover Zaragoza in a personal and different manner.

How to access this service.

A minimum stay of two nights at one of the city?s hotels is necessary. If this is your case, fill in an application form 15 days in advance, giving your details and preferences and we will get in touch with you.

Choose your route, your language and time of day you prefer

The Greeters-Cicerones are specialised in themes and languages, so they can accompany you in a visit about the environment and sustainability, customs and leisure, or my favourite nooks and crannies. All of this in Spanish, English or French or any other languages demanded by users and that can be offered by the Greeters-Cicerones, such as Ukrainian, Russian and Arabic, and in the future others that join this project and have appropriate knowledge in other languages. You can request this service in the mornings from 9.00 am to 2 pm, and in the afternoons from 5 pm to 8 pm. You choose!

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