How to get here on Foot

How to get here on Foot

For aficionados of the Camino de Santiago, the province of Zaragoza offers an interesting part of the route including hostels, spots of cultural interest and various stretches of wonderful natural scenery.

Zaragoza is a stop on the Camino del Ebro or Camino Jacobeo del Ebro, which is the part of the route that begins at the Ebro Delta and finishes in Logroño, where it joins up with the French Way, which runs from Roncesvalles on the Spanish side. 

Some 30 km before this route reaches Zaragoza, between Pina de Ebro and Fuentes de Ebro, the path meets up with the Catalan Way via Zaragoza, which comes in via Montserrat.

How to get here on Foot

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