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Wetlands and Ecosystem Services
  • Wetlands and Ecosystem Services
  • Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). February 2015
  • These press briefs focus on the value of wetlands, as well as the role of wetlands in relation to: ecosystem services; meeting the challenges of the future; the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. After each briefs important links are provided.
  • Geographical coverage (region): Global
  • Main themes: Biodiversity, Ecosystem services, Ecosystems, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Valuation, Wetlands

Wastewater Management. A UN-Water Analytical Brief
  • Wastewater Management. A UN-Water Analytical Brief
  • United Nations (UN). February 2015
  • This analytical brief highlights wastewater management as a critical step in improving global water quality and public health. It analyses the current situation on wastewater and wastewater management, the challenges of wastewater as a resource, wastewater management in the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the challenges for implementing effective wastewater management.
  • Geographical coverage (region): Global
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Financing, Health, Industry, Information and data, Post-2015 agenda, Urban areas, Wastewater, Water governance, Water management, Water quality, Water treatment

Investing to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)
  • Investing to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)
  • World Health Organization (WHO). February 2015
  • This report analyzes, for the first time, investments needed to scale up implementation required to achieve the targets of the World Health Organization (WHO) Roadmap on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and universal coverage against NTDs. The report outlines an investment strategy for NTDs and analyzes the specific investment case for prevention, control, elimination and eradication of 12 of the 17 NTDs following the adoption by the 66th World Health Assembly in 2013 of resolution WHA6612 on NTDs. The report consists of four main sections on: the Resoluti...[Read full description]
  • Geographical coverage (region): Global
  • Main themes: Disease, Drinking water, Equity, Financing, Health, Hygiene, Investments, Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Post-2015 agenda, Poverty, Sanitation, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Water supply

Innovations for Water and Development
  • Innovations for Water and Development
  • UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education. February 2015
  • This booklet contains 50 innovative solutions in the field of water and development. The innovations were created with their global partnership network to develop, implement and validate novel solutions that ultimately aim to improve the quality of life on the planet. Innovations are often of a technological nature, but their adoption also has social, economic, environmental, governance, institutional and political dimensions. The research-based innovations originate from the six research themes of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organ...[Read full description]
  • Geographical coverage (region): Global
  • Main themes: Accounting, Aquaculture, Arid zones, Coastal zones, Desalination, Drought, Floods, Hygiene, Infrastructure, Irrigation, Monitoring, Sanitation, Sustainable development, Technology, Urban areas, Utility services, Water management, Water supply, Water treatment

Guidance Note: Irrigation Subsector Risk Assessment
  • Guidance Note: Irrigation Subsector Risk Assessment
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB). February 2015
  • This guidance note aims to explain key features of the irrigation subsector and identify entry points for mapping governance risks. It is part of a series of guidance notes for selected sectors and subsectors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The guidance note offers a framework for mapping governance risks to inform the preparation of future country partnership strategies, and supplements ADB's Guidelines for Implementing the Second Governance and Anticorruption Action Plan. Section 2 highlights the significance of irrigation and its challenges. Section 3...[Read full description]
  • Geographical coverage (region): Asia
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Capacity building, Corruption, Financing, Irrigation, Risk management, Water governance

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