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Applying results-based financing in water investments

Applying results-based financing in water investments
  • World Bank Water Partnership Program (WPP). May 2014
  • This document is intended to contribute to a better understanding of Results-Based Financing (RBF) instruments and the conditions for success or failure of the approach in water. Given the broad variety of issues covered and the complexity faced by the water sector as a whole (from irrigation to flood protection, to water conservation and hydropower), concrete examples are provided in an attempt to make the document as practical as possible in guiding the design of future RBF schemes. Chapter 2 provides an analytical framework to explore if and when RBF can be a viable option; Chapter 3 then revises the concepts discussed in the analytical framework through the analysis of various case studies of RBF approaches in different water-related areas; Chapter 4 presents some conclusions and lessons learned.
  • Geographical coverage: Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Northern America, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Morocco , Philippines, Uruguay
  • Main themes: Ecosystem services, Energy, Financing, Floods, Forests, Infrastructure, Irrigation, Poverty, Risk management, Sanitation, Small-scale providers, Technology, Urban areas, Wastewater, Water scarcity, Water services, Water supply
  • Main target audience: International organizations, Practitioners
  • Main purpose: Guidance, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Case studies, Glossary, Guidebook, Indicators, Lessons learned
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Published in 2015