Old Town Squares

If we look from bird´s eye view to the old Zaragoza -the area defined by its millenary origin- maybe, we will remark first the Pilar Square, a vast open space opposite the Pilar Basilica. There is no place like this in the rest of the city, even in the old city. The majority of the squares placed in the old districts of our cities are the result of demolitions carried out in modern ages which produced sponge processes and the subsequent opening of these small squares, which have been remodelled in recent times.


If we look at the old maps of Zaragoza -those from the beginning of the 18th century- only six squares appear within the perimeter of the old stone wall: Pilar, Asseo (La Seo), Santa Marta, Carbón, Sas, San Cayetano (del Justicia), San Philipe (San Felipe). Santa Marta and San Cayetano. These squares preserve, in a certain way, the ancient layout. The old Carbón Square (Coal Square) was cut in half after the construction (halfway through the 19th century) of Alfonso I Street. The rest have been recently remodelled until its present-day aspect.


Autora del Itinerario: Isabel YESTE NAVARRO