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@LIS Program - EMPLENET Project

Programa @lis, programa de cooperación de la Comisión Europea

@LIS Program is a cooperation program of the European Commission to strengthen cooperation between the European Union and Latin America in the field of the Information Society.
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proyecto emplenet, en cooperacion Europa y America Latina

Emplenet Project. It is a cooperation project of Europe and Latin America to reduce unemployment in Latin American countries through the use of ICTs in local administration, as key tool in the relation with the citizen.

  • Participants: 9 European partners from Spain, Italy, Germany, and Denmark contribute their knowledge and transfer their best experiences in the use of ICTs to create jobs, transfer training in methodologies and ICT tools, and to cooperate with Latin America.
  • 6 Latin American partners from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Uruguay, adapt, apply and spread these knowledge and tools in their countries in order to reduce unemployment.
  • These are Zaragoza partners:
    • Department of Internal Affairs and Promotion of Zaragoza City Council. Imefez, Ebrópolis, and CEZ-Zaragoza Entrepreneurs Confederation.
    • IMEFEZ coordinates Subproject 2: "Services for Access to Employment."

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Urb-AL Project,Transnational Employment Program Officer

proyecto Urb-Al, formacion de la figura de agente de empleo transnacional

EU Urb-Al Program  develops decentralized cooperation networks between local groups on concrete subjects and problems related to urban local development. Launched in 1995, Urb-Al has met more than 430 groups related to projects affecting different themes such as drugs, environment, urbanism, economic development, Information Society, and democracy.
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Proyecto agente de empleo transnacional

Transnational Employment Officer Project. This project already ended has involved normalizing, defining, creating, and training of the so-called Transnational Employment Officer. This officer has focused on the creation of alternatives for integration in the labour market. It is a project of decentralized cooperation among local groups of Europe and Latin America. The participation of the city of Zaragoza has been made through Imefez.
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