La Zaragozana - Ambar Beers

Come to visit us! An educational tour, entertaining and fun for our factory facilities unravel the over 7000-year history of this natural product. An original tour where you will learn the entire process of brewing. From traditional methods of malting and fermentation of the historic original machinery installations, the latest technology and advanced quality control.

Guided tour of the historical rooms: malting, mashing room, fermentation room.

Visit the showroom Century of Beer,, tasting in Space Ambar.

   zaragozana, ambar


Ramón Berenguer IV, nº 1
Tel. 976.37.66.50 -  visits: 976.27.28.46
Fax. 976.37.33.85

zaragozana, ambar

La Zaragozana sponsors activities of Zaragoza Tourism as Roving Tourist Guides on the street and   Regala Zaragoza.

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