Like cycling? ...Well then you can`t miss out on the Bizitour, a guided bike tour through which you can explore the area on the banks of the Ebro and learn more about the history of some of the most iconic places in the city.... A different way to enjoy Zaragoza.

Participants in this route can use their own bikes or hire one for three consecutive days.

Calendar 2020

Visit for gropus.


Tourist Office, Plaza del Pilar


5,50 euros for the tour and 10,50 euros if you don`t have your own bike or for lifetime membership of Bizi Zaragoza. (5 euros for hiring the bike with Bizi Zaragoza)

If you have your own bike or lifetime membership of Bizi Zaragoza:

Standard rate: 5,50 euros per person.

  • oung Persons/Student/University/Large Family Card Holders: 4 euros
  • Disabled (must present proof of disability): 2,50
  • Groups of teachers: 2,50 euro.

Over 65s (with ID), unemployed (with proof of unemployment) (*) free.

(*) These rates are only available upon presentation of the necessary documentation.


2 hours

Ticket sales


  • Minimum 10 people and maximum 25 people
  • Minimum age of participants 16

Zaragoza Tourism is not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the tour due to dangerous cycling on the part of participants

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