Mudéjar Art in Zaragoza

Mudéjar Art in Zaragoza

Catedral del Salvador

It was a Roman temple, Visigoth church, Mosque and finally a Cathedral, and is thus home to contrasting artistic styles: Romanesque, Mudéjar, Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque. Also known as La Seo, particularly remarkable features include the Mudéjar wall of the parish, the Baroque tower and the Neoclassical façade. The main altarpiece, dedicated to El Salvador, is rendered in alabaster. The Chapter House houses the Tapestry Museum, an interesting tapestry collection spanning the 15th to the 18th centuries.

san salvador

Iglesia de San Pablo

This temple is typical of a Mudéjar-style place of worship: a single aisleless nave with chapels set between the buttresses and a polygonal, five-sided chevet. The tower has an octagonal floor plan and a traditional Mudéjar tower structure, with one tower set within another and a stairwell between the two. The exterior adornment, with Mudéjar motifs, was added only to the upper body. The interior is notable for the High Altarpiece, the work of Damian Forment.

san pablo

Palacio de la Aljafería

This is the most remarkable of the Muslim palaces built in the Western world in the 11th century. You can visit various different rooms from Peter IV of Aragon`s Mudéjar palace, with its beautiful gilded and polychrome wooden roofs, as well as the San Martín Chapel. During the rule of the Reyes Católicos, the Mudéjar maestro Faraig de Gali completed a beautiful renovation, blending medieval and Renaissance influences.

la aljafería

Iglesia parroquial de San Miguel de los Navarros

A medieval predecessor is known to have stood on the same site of this church. The present-day church is of Mudéjar style and dates from the 14th century, though it was redeveloped and expanded in the Baroque style in the 17th century. The interior stands out for the Renaissance altarpiece by sculptor Damnian Forment and a stone sculpture of Saint Michael the Archangel defeating Satan, which dominates the façade.

san miguel

Iglesia parroquial de Santa María Magdalena

This 14th-century church stands on the former site of a Roman temple. During renovations in the 18th century, the entrance was moved to next to the chevet. The church`s apse, decorated with overlapping mixtilinear arches framing pointed windows upon which multiple arms come together to form a rhombus shape, makes it representative of Mudéjar architecture. Both structurally and in terms of decorative motifs, the tower is similar to that of San Martín y el Salvador in Teruel.

santa maría magdalena

Torreón de Fortea

The Torreón Fortea is an important example of civil Gothic-Mudéjar architecture in Zaragoza. It belongs to the City Council, where it is used for its Culture Department's cultural and social services and area for young people, and in particular exhibiting the work of contemporary Zaragozan and Aragonese artists.

torreón fortea

Torreón de la Zuda

The Torreón de la Zuda rises up elegantly from one of the towers from the original Roman walls that marked out the city. Of Muslim origin and in perfect condition following its restoration, it is home to a Municipal Tourist Office. The top floor is one of the least-known and most special spots from which to gaze out over the city.

torreón de la zuda

Convento del Santo Sepulcro

Also known as the Monasterio de la Resurrección, this is the only wholly conserved example of Mudéjar monastic architecture in Aragon, and the only remaining Holy Sepulchre church in Spain. It was erected in the 14th century on the site of the Roman walls, parts of which can still be seen down by the Puente del Pilar, next to the river. The convent continues to operate as a hospice in which people can take refuge and get back in touch with silence and their inner life.

santo sepulcro

Arco y casa del Deán

Set behind the Seo Cathedral we find one of the most special sights in Zaragoza, the Casa del Deán and the arch that connects it to the Cathedral. A 13th-century building, it is most notable for the windowed gallery decorated with Gothic-Mudéjar style tracery.

arco del deán

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