Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Plaza del Pilar, 18

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976 72 11 00 - Municipal Information: 010 y 976 72 12 34
Opening hours

From 8.00 to 15.00 h


Physical accessibility

  • Parking: YES, in Plaza del Pilar.
  • Access: adapted entrance with ramp and handrail on one side. The doors are not automatic but are open to the public. The front hall is accessed by a ramp with banisters on either side. The flooring is non-slip. The information desk is not adapted.
  • Mobility inside the building:
    • Customer services: adapted desks provide personalised assistance. The windows are not adapted. The records office information desk is not adapted.
    • Adapted lift: YES.
    • Adapted toilets: YES, on ground floor, alongside the lifts.
    • Others: adapted access to internet and areas with adapted desks for public use.
  • Exit: adapted with a ramp and handrails on both sides. Non-slip flooring. There are two doors, one is not accessible (very heavy and not automatic) whilst the second is open with a ramp on the outside and a handrail on one side.

This information is supplied by the Association for the Physically Handicapped of Aragón






This building was opened in 1965 and both the interior and exterior reflect the renaissance palace style of a structure around a large, open central patio. The Aragonese eave and the sculptures of San Valero and the Angel of the City on either side of the main entrance (by Pablo Serrano) are worthy of particular mention.


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