Iglesia Parroquial de San Ildefonso o de Santiago el Mayor

Iglesia Parroquial de San Ildefonso o de Santiago el Mayor
Cesar Augusto Avenue, 21

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17th century



Points of interest

Façade , Interior structure , Plasterwork


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This church is the only remains that we preserve of the old convent of San Ildefonso, abandoned on the occasion of the Desamortización de Mendizabal (confiscation of Mendizabal) (1835). In 1902 it became the seat of the parish church of Santiago, whose church had been destroyed previously.

The architect, Felipe de Busiñac y Borgon, directs the work as from 1661, at the same time as he intervenes in the construction of the Argillo Palace. The façade of Santiago is austere and elegant, topped by a large curved frontal piece. Its two side towers are placed slightly in front of the line of the main body; the last floor was added by the architect Chueca Goitia in the seventies.

The interior of the church is a magnificent example of Jesuit typology, configured by Vignola in the Gesu of Roma and disseminated by the company of Jesus. Over this structure of Italian origin ,Latin cross ground plan, crossing slightly pronounced and chapels connected to the buttresses- a decoration of Aragonese Mudejar tradition is superimposed combined with Baroque elements. Within this ornamental repertoire the plasterwork of the ceilings stand out, with geometric motifs, stars, interweaving and diamond tips.

It is one of the most representative churches of the first Zaragoza baroque and due its large proportions, both on the outside and on the inside, it reflects the triumphant spirit of the counter-reformation in an exemplary fashion.

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