Banks of the Ebro

riberas del ebro

Points of interest

Expo 2008 area, Arboleda de Macanáz (river walk), Balcón de San Lázaro (viewpoint), Puente de Piedra (stone bridge), Puente de Hierro (iron bridge), Dam.


The redevelopment of the banks of the Ebro River, undertaken for the 2008 International Exposition, redefined the relationship between the Ebro and the city. New pavements, green avenues, bike lanes, terraces, recreation areas and a range of features helped make the river a true focal point for the city. The project gave residents and visitors new areas in which to stroll, do sports, play or have a drink. In addition, the redevelopment of the banks of the Gállego and Huerva rivers, along with the Aragón Imperial Canal, completes Zaragoza?s River Bank Plan.


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