Pabellón de Aragón

Pabellón de Aragón
Avenida de Ranillas, Recinto Expo

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The Aragon Pavilion has been designed by Olano y Mendo Arquitectos, from Zaragoza. It covers an area of 2,500 m2 and is 25 metres high. The pavilion is spread over a basement floor, ground floor or enclosure, first floor, second floor and terrace. Aragon Pavilion's interior exhibition space is (without the square/enclosure) is 2,774 m2 (+135 m2 in the cavities of the columns).

The pavilion takes the form of a typical Aragonese wicker basket achieved by intertwined panels of glass and micro-concrete with white glass fibre, providing the interior with a large quantity of natural light. This weave is opaque in the base, becoming more transparent as the building gets higher. The interior of this large basket is crossed by nine large irregular columns, three of which act as supports and communication cores, and six as prisms or landscapes. All the pavilion's cultural activities will take place in the open-air square/enclosure, created in the open space between the floor of the site and the first floor of the pavilion thanks to the three large pillars on which the building stands. The building is also designed with energy-saving characteristics, making it an "environmentally responsible" structure.

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