Torre del Agua

Torre del Agua
Avenida de Ranillas, Recinto Expo

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Currently not open to visitors. Due to the efforts of the Expo Legacy group, guided tours have been offered on certain dates with advance reservations. More information: http://www.legadoexpozaragoza.com/legadoexpo/




The Water Tower stands 76 metres high and can be understood as a dual structure uniting the two separate elements that make up the building and give it its unique profile.

The plinth is designed to overcome all the demands placed on the building by the terrain (differences in levels, slope, orientation for transit...) and is 13 metres high on its most visible side.

The transparent body, wrapped in glass with a sculptural form in the shape of a drop of water, is an iconic structure. This design allows the building to offer two faces ¿ that of an opaque building during the day and a great shiny beacon at night.

This building is a necessary visual landmark. The interior exhibition space is designed around ramps that create an upward and later downward journey.

The drop shape of its base, the diagonal profiles on the façade and the brise-soleil creating an exterior prolongation of the ramps make the building take on different forms depending on the angle from which it is viewed.


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