Pabellón Puente

Pabellón Puente
Avenida de Ranillas, Recinto Expo

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The bridge is built in a diagonal over the River Ebro, in the vicinity of the Third Millennium Bridge carrying the Rabal Ring Road. It has a gently curving line and connects the Delicias Intermodal Station with the Convention Centre on the Expo site, passing over a small island.

The frame of the Bridge Pavilion is built in steel. Its cladding is inspired by shark scales and creates a natural microclimate in the interior. This is a cooling system where air is exchanged through the building's porous skin. The central support bears nearly half of the structural load a weight of nearly 7,000 tonnes. The foundations consist of 22 piles, ten of which are located on the central islet, four on the right bank and eight on the left bank.

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