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Galacho de Juslibol
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The Galacho de Juslibol is an area of great landscape, ecological and cultural importance located on the left bank of the Ebro between Alfocea, Juslibol and Monzalbarba. This galacho, or (deserted meander), which was cut off after the major floods of 1961, is the most recent example found on this river. It is categorized as an area of "Special Urban Protection", and its 100 hectares are covered in dense riverbank vegetation with a variety of trees, such as willows, poplars, black poplars, ash and elms, coexisting with bushes, vines, bulrushes and reeds, which together provide the habitat for unique species of animals. This guided walk includes a visit to the area`s exhibition centre, and a route around the reed beds, the riverside grove and lakes.

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