Tapas in Zaragoza

Tapas in Zaragoza

For locals, going out for tapas is a genuine social activity:``crawlin`` through the streets, going in and out of different restaurants, staring at succulent counters, you can`t miss out on the tastiest side of Zaragoza - a real treat for the senses!

In the Old Town, home to the most monuments and the most historic part of the city, the most traditional tapas areas are:

Plaza Santa Marta Area

If you walk through the Arco del Deán you will come out into a small square, the Plaza Santa Marta, lined with cosy bars with a rich tapas-serving tradition. From here you can head over to the Plaza San Pedro Nolasco, after crossing over the Calle Mayor, where you will find modern venues alongside some of the city`s classics.

La Magdalena Area

This area and in particular the Calle Estudios are home to typical taverns serving cured meat, cheese, smoked fish and sausage boards, products typical throughout the region.  If you plump for this option, be sure to check out the Mudéjar Tower (part of the Iglesia de la Magdalena), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

San Miguel Area

In this area you can choose between the generally bohemian and traditional venues in the streets around the San Miguel Church, or the more avant-garde establishments in and around the Plaza de los Sitios.

El Tubo Area

This is one of the best-known and emblematic tapas areas in the city. After falling into decline for some years, the taverns and bars in this area have been able to reinvent themselves, becoming a new gastronomic landmark in the city due to their varied menus and fantastic environment.

As well as these central areas, numerous bars offering good tapas can be found throughout the rest of the city. More information: Bars and Cafes Association



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