Zaragoza Walks - Three days

estancia zaragoza 72 horas

3RD DAY: Alma Mater Museum, Patio de la Infanta,  CaixaForum. Other options: Las Armas, murales de arte urbano, Museo del Fuego,  IAACC (Aragonese Institute of Art and Culture)

On the third day, we recommend visiting the Alma Mater Museum and Patio de la Infanta, a magnificent Renaissance mansion.

In the afternoon, you can explore some of the more modern exhibition facilities, including the IAACC (Aragonese Institute of Art and Culture), which houses the work of Aragonese sculptor Pablo Serrano and other collections, as well as the CaixaForum.

Be sure to leave time to enjoy the alternative atmosphere at Las Armas cultural centre and its street market (second Sunday of every month). And don't miss the urban art murals that decorate this neighbourhood and others around the city, created during the Asalto Festival, which takes place every September. Another interesting option is the Museum of Fire and Firefighters.



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