Museos y Exposiciones

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Do not touch the exhibits
As the works of art are fragile and can be easily damaged we must ask visitors not to touch any of the exhibits. Sharp objects must not be taken into the exhibition rooms although walking sticks and crutches or objects that may be used as pointers, such as pens, etc. may be used on the premises.

If you are visiting the Centre with children please make sure that they remain with you. Help us by explaining the importance of not touching the exhibits. Do not let them run around as this may cause inconvenience to other visitors. Please do not carry children on your shoulders.

Mobile telephones
Remember to switch off your mobile telephone whilst you are visiting the Centre´s facilities.

Large objects
To prevent accidents, bulky packages, rucksacks or bags which are larger than 30 cm x 30 cm are not allowed on the premises.

With the exception of guide dogs no animals are allowed on the premises.

Smoking is not allowed in any of the Centre´s facilities.

Photographs may be taken provided that flashes or tripods are not used.