Museos y Exposiciones

Presentation: La Lonja

La Lonja, thanks to its characteristics, siting, and already consolidated trajectory, is considered as the first and main gallery of Aragon. As a consequence, it is a permanent referential space for the organization of the most outstanding and ambitious artistic public projects of our region, both from Zaragoza City Council and from other collaborating institutions and organizations. This is circumstance guarantees the projection and success of every project, but also that the different yearly program must reconcile very different aspects and include varied subjects and contents which match perfectly well with the characteristics of the place and the owner.

Turning lack of means into a virtue, during the last 25 years the different programs has been characterized by the presence of great shows of historic character, devoted to the current visions of different cultures and historical periods. Among the most recent, The Gold of America. Pre-Colombian Treasures of Costa Rica ; Millenarian Egypt Hispania, the Roman Legacy ; Mayas ; Bhutan ; A Look to Aragon in the 20th Century ; The Illustration and the Liberal Project ; Touareg ; The Roman Theatre. Mise-en-scene ; 7,000 years of Persian Art ; Africa. The Imagined Figure ; Treasures of the National Museum of Sculpture . Also, monographic exhibitions of classic universal figures such as Goya and Auguste Rodin, and contemporary artists such as Gargallo, Tàpies, Genovés, Condoy, Aguayo, Zuloaga, Pablo Serrano, Ibarrola, Broto, Miró, Picasso, Lagunas, Orús, Luis Berdejo, Fernando Botero, Arnaldo Pomodoro, and Chillida. An important number of collective exhibitions devoted to different visions, sometimes more general, sometimes very specific, of the art of our time and its different disciplines and styles in Spain, have taken place: The Colour of the Avant-gardes. Contemporary Spanish Painting from Argentaria Collection; Portico Group (1947-1952) ; Spanish Abstract Art from Central Hispano Collection ; City Lights. Art and Culture in Zaragoza 1914-1936 ; Paper Cinema. Cinema Posters in Spain ; Banco Zaragozano Collection ; Contemporary Art. Realism in Catalonia ; Proposal 99. Spanish Contemporary Photograph ; De pictura. Spanish Painting 1946-2000 ; Generation 2004 . And also international exhibitions: German Democratic Republic Graphics; Art Works. Collection of the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation ; Japanese Contemporary Art ; Photography in the Weimar Republic ; Sculptures. Collection of Contemporary Art of la Caixa Foundation ; After Goya. A Subjective Look ; Loot at the World One More Time. Spectrum Sotos Gallery. 25 Years of Photography ; Games in 20th Century Art . This has been only a brief summary of the more than 115 exhibitions programmed in la Lonja .